Identity management
in your pocket.

Only share your ID details when you want to, with who you want to, for how long you want to.

ProofMe.ID portal ProofMe.ID App

As easy as 1-2-3!

ProofMe.iD makes it easy to protect your privacy and identity!
All you need is your phone.

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1. Install the App

Download the App from the App stores.

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2. Setup your vault

An account with an vault is created on your phone. Everything you put in that vault, can only be accessed by you.

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3. You are done!

Everything is done. Go checkout our use cases to use your personal data in a secure and easy way.

The smartest way for Verifiable phone calls

Identify yourself within a jiffy.

Easy to use

Receive a notification when calling a participating organisation

Share your personal data

Select the personal data you would like to share.

Start the conversation

The organisation you calls knows it is you and can start the conversation.


Login without sharing data

100% secured and controlled by you

No more passwords

Control your privacy, no unnecessary data sharing

No need to connect your social media profile, no more tracking


Smartest way for Access Management

Access control 3.0. Get rid of pin-codes and key-cards.

Allow access to the office, an event or a stadium without compromising security or privacy. Request a demo to experience our Privacy-proof Access management solution.


Personal vaults

Everything about your personal vault

ProofMe is an application build by develops software for use with personal vaults, based on blockchain technology. Privacy, anonymity and security are at the top of our list.

A personal vault is a highly secured vault on your phone where your personal data is stored. Only you have access to this vault and you decide what happens to it.

Your personal vaults protects your personal data. This ensures that only you have access to this data. As soon as you or an organization want to share data, a new digital vault is created with only the data you want to share. You determine what, when and for how long you share this data.

Your personal data is signed with unique keys. Each personal vault has its own unique key. Using blockchain technology, we can encrypt your data, but also sign your data. Your signed personal data can only be used with your keys.



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